Transport Design Solutions

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Our design experience, together with our manufacturing heritage, means we can assure you of not only innovative, but commercially practical solutions.
We have an unrivalled track record of developing innovative design solutions to solve real world complex engineering problems that have then been tried, tested and proven. Our solutions benefit from decades of R&D, our proprietary “OPTIMIZER” program, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modelling and our 3D CAD design “SOLIDWORKS” software to provide clients with rapid and accurate customised solutions. We are able to provide all technical documentation and detailed drawings needed for manufacture, including bill of materials.



Our consultancy includes designing solutions for;

  • complete transport systems and equipment which optimizes productivity.
  • material handling systems
  • workshop customized tools, equipment and accessories.
  • safe access systems and equipment.

We provide legal and patent assistance as required for all new product designs.

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