Materials Handling Design Consulting

We specialize in designing new or upgrading existing materials handling equipment, machinery and systems for a variety of industries. This includes systems design for integration with load / unload facilities and bespoke designs to solve specific problems such as;

  • Mineral Ore sampling probe
  • Block grinding heads for rapid maintenance replacement
  • Improvements to sawmill waste disposal machinery.

In addition, we also design & manage the manufacture of;

  • equipment and accessories
  • workshop customized tools
  • workshop safe access systems.

Our solutions utilize our proprietary “OPTIMIZER” program & 3D CAD “SOLIDWORKS” to provide clients with rapid and accurate customised solutions, along with the technical documentation and detailed drawings required for manufacture including bill of materials.

Our 3D CAD and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to;

  • ensure the most efficient and durable designs are achieved
  • forensically assess products of all descriptions for engineering integrity
  • identify the real-world loads & constraints and apply them correctly to the FEA models.

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