Transport Equipment Safety

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Every aspect of our design and manufacturing management undergoes thorough analysis to ensure compliance and the highest of safety standards required in every country.

Our consultancy services include;

  • heavy vehicle safety inspections and audits to NHVR requirements and beyond.
  • risk assessments of transport or materials handling systems with recommendations on risk minimization or elimination
  • risk assessments of equipment use &/or operational processes using formal Risk Matrix protocols.
  • safe work procedures covering equipment handling and operational processes taking into account the skills, tools and facilities of the available workforce.
  • equipment testing and validation to ensure compliance
  • experience working with Take-5 and Zero-harm safety systems
  • develop safe customized tools
  • audit safe working loads
  • vehicle crash / incident investigation and cause analysis
  • providing safety certificates and documentation
  • advice relating to compliance with Australian Design Rules (ADRs), Dangerous Goods Code, Load Restraint Guide and numerous Australian Standards.

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