Vehicle Approvals

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Smith Global, as an industry authority, is certified to compile applications for assessment of new product innovations / designs by the Performance Based Standards (PBS) Review Panel, as well as Non-Standard Freight Vehicle (NSFV) applications for high productivity vehicles which fall outside both the PBS and standard vehicle regulatory frameworks.

For years we have successfully managed these PBS and NSFV applications for clients through the lengthy bureaucratic process.

We coordinate the creation of Swept path analysis and Dynamic performance of vehicle combinations, consolidating relevant technical criteria from all parties and ensuring that the vehicle combination is a viable & feasible option.

Other services include:

  • certification of Heavy-vehicle modifications to VSB6
  • pre-registration inspection of vehicles under Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment (HVRAS) scheme
  • facilitate Compliance Plate Approval of vehicles through the Road Vehicle Certification System (RVCS)
  • facilitate importation of Heavy Vehicles through the Vehicle Import System (VIS)
  • advice relating to compliance with Australian Design Rules (ADRs), Dangerous Goods Code, Load Restraint Guide and numerous Australian Standards.

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