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How CURTIS has Improved Ongoing Fleet Maintenance & Productivity

The Problem:

A common logistical challenge in the ongoing maintenance of trucks and trailers in mining haulage operations is keeping track of all moving parts, especially items with statutory testing and lifespan requirements such as tyres and rims. This becomes particularly difficult when wheels are swapped out during tyre maintenance and for trailers lacking hour-meter equipment that may commonly move between road-train combinations.

The Solution:

Smith Global developed a bespoke database system tailored for our client that not only provides management with the ability to ensure the legal compliance of periodic testing of all tyres and rims on road trains, but also has the ability to schedule and forecast complete preventative maintenance for a fleet of trucks and trailers.

What’s more, the system has been designed to work flexibly with multi-trailer road trains, including the ability to cope with rearrangement of vehicle combinations where trucks and trailers in a fleet are regularly separated and rearranged into different combinations.

The Smith Global CURTIS (Component, Unit, Rim, Tyre Information System) is a typical example of a successful outcome from the OPTIMIZER process. CURTIS is now one of the key tools used to ensure maximum flexibility and optimal performance of the client’s vehicles over the long term.

It uses standardised data entry forms with pre-defined terms and drop-lists for error checking, that have been optimised to reduce time required to capture data.

This comprehensive interlinked database is then leveraged to produce a range of 1-button automated reports, showing parts usage rates, parts efficiencies, costs and can even be used for predictive purposes to enable accurate and efficient preventative maintenance outcomes.

This system has since been expanded to now provide clients with the ability to track and manage the maintenance of all moving parts within the fleet, not just tyres and rims, including workshop component management.

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