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OPTIMIZER: A Holistic Productivity Improvement Process for Transport Haulage

The Problem:

With so many variables effecting productivity of transport and mine haulage, and management of fixed and variable running and maintenance costs of critical importance to clients, there was a need for a holistic system that would consider all components in the mix to enable clients to operate as efficiently as possible.

The Solution:

Smith Global’s OPTIMIZER, has significantly improved productivity and saved many clients tens of thousands to millions of dollars. It is centred around a proprietary suite of analytical tools that is the result of more than 115 years of expertise in heavy vehicle engineering.

OPTIMIZER offers clients a customised solution as the tools are flexible and can quickly be tuned to accurately capture haulage operations, highlighting areas of opportunity for productivity gains. It all starts with an audit to identify the cause of any problems that might exist.

Once modelled, various what-if scenarios are investigated, resulting in a real-world plan for action. Typical outcomes are refined business processes, better record-keeping and usage of data, an increase in planned vs. unplanned maintenance, savings in maintenance costs, infrastructure integration, improvements to vehicle design and safety and, of course, increased haulage productivity.

Clients are now able to make better decisions for their business using the quality data, analysis and insights gathered from OPTIMIZER.

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