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Improving Productivity through Whole-of-life Cost Modelling

The Problem:

Accurately predicting the lifetime costs of a heavy vehicle fleet is notoriously difficult. Without this capability a client stands to lose money or lose the tender for a project.

The Solution:

Smith Global developed a bespoke interactive cost modelling system that enables clients to not only accurately predict the lifetime costs of an entire heavy vehicle fleet, but once created, allows clients to track and manage the ongoing costs and dynamically explore various what if scenarios.

The Smith Global Whole-of-Life cost modelling system, a key component of the OPTIMIZER process, also allows clients to quantitatively assess the cost of equipment life extension via overhaul vs equipment replacement to optimise cost utilisation.

As well, this system provides clients with the ability to quantitatively assess the cost vs risk of preventative maintenance period alterations of different components for different applications and not only resulted in a safer and more productive approach to transport haulage, but over the years has saved clients millions of dollars.

The combination of Smith Global’s OPTIMIZER process, the Whole-of-Life cost modelling system, our management knowledge and expertise and interactive data input, has created a world class leading edge product and the ability for clients to accurately predict and manage the lifetime costs of their vehicle fleet.

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